Ice Sculpture FAQ's

How long does an ice sculpture last?

An ice sculpture will generally last six to eight hours in an ambient temperature of approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit before losing the basic shape and form.

How long does a luge last?

Usually up to 4 hours. Keep in mind, this depends on the amount of shots poured and the temperature of the liquor

What kind of sculptures do you offer?

All of our work is hand crafted. There are no limits as to what we can do. We have a wide selection of finished sculptures to choose from or we can take your ideas and customize them into melting memories. If you can dream it we can create it.

Do you use molds to make your ice sculptures?

No all of our sculptures are hand crafted from 300lbs crystal clear ice blocks with special tools made for ice sculpting.

Do you freeze items in the sculptures?

Can you freeze items into an ice sculpture". Remove the writing under that and add "Yes, it is possible to freeze items into the ice, although a 2 week lead time is required.

How big will my Ice Sculpture be?

A standard crystal clear ice block has the dimensions of 40" tall x 20" wide x 10" thick and weighs approximately 300lbs. Most single block sculptures fit within these dimensions, although there are no limits as to how large we can go

What time should I schedule the delivery before the event?

Standard delivery time is 1 hour before the event start time so that we can have the sculpture all setup and in place 30 min before guests arrive

What kind of table do I need to put the sculpture on?

A strong, sturdy table is required for all sculptures. We suggest not using a folding table, if at all possible. Avoid acrylic and glass tables. We do not provide the table.

Where in the room can I display my ice sculpture?

At the entrance Dining Tables for centerpieces Salad Buffets
Dessert Buffets Cocktail Receptions On the Bar
Beside the Stage Seafood Display On a table by itself in the room

Helpful Information

- Please provide a Skirted Table with preferably dark colored tablecloth to show up the ice sculpture.

- We provide 6 gallon buckets or deluxe kit (Includes: lights, bucket & drip tray).

- The table should be STURDY or STRONG enough to hold 300 – 400lbs. Most folding banquet tables works well.

- Provide a 5 gallon drain bucket or any other leak proof container to catch the water from the Drip Tray provided by us.

- For a normal piece we can provide a clear tray, 6 gal. Bucket, colored/ white LED… color changing (red, blue, and green).

- You can also place in the center of the room. (As we've noticed most of our customers go for this option).